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Search charities by opening the PDF file and typing in name of charity under the "find" section.

To receive a hard copy of the Directory, please call 412-330-7667 or email Amy Ervin (email).


Dear LFCC Chairs and PCFO Coordinators and Donors:

"Society of St. Andrew, The" should appear in the national/international independent organization section of the 2016 CFC Charity List. Campaigns that have not printed their final Charity List must include this charity in that section. Campaigns that have already printed their final Charity List must include an errata sheet that contains the information below. Online giving lists must be updated to include this charity’s information.

12046             Society of St. Andrew, The (800)333-4597  EIN# 541285793 America's premier food rescue and distribution ministry dedicated to gleaning America's fields to feed America's hungry. We provide nutritious food to people in need.  3.2%  K,P,X



CFC All-Around Giving is the ability to donate to any of the 18,000+ national, international, and local charities (not denied participation in the CFC) without regard to geographic boundaries. An example would be if you work in Pennsylvania and you want to donate to a Brooklyn, NY food pantry (and they are in the CFC), with All-Around Giving, this can now be achieved.

Find ALL CFC charity codes by using the “Charity Look Up” tool. You can place the charity code on your paper pledge card or donate online through MyPay, EEX or CFC Nexus. This “All-Around Giving List” is a single nationwide list of ALL 18,000+ charities in the CFC and this list will only be made available to donors electronically.

Please know that the print version of the CFC Charity List/Directory will continue to contain the national & international charity information provided by OPM and the 250+ local charities approved in the 3 Rivers/PA West CFC region.


**If you cannot view these PDFs, please dowload the newest version of Adobe Reader:

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